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In December 2010 I moved to Southern Maine from a small town next to Bangor (Bangor is right in the center Maine and is one of the largest cities in Maine for those of you wondering if it's in Canada). Here are some crazy stories of outings, hikes, beer and just the general mayhem that is my life. Welcome. Enjoy. Love it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Location: 449 Westbrook Street, So. Portland Maine 04106

Price: $

Oh Wild Willy's. Where oh where to begin.  This restuarnt is so different from any other that I have seen. It is a sit down style fast food that serves alcohol!
When you walk into the building you walk up to the counter to order. Your options include Angus Beef, Chicken, Bison and steak sandwiches. My only complaint is that there are not many chicken options. You can also choose Salads, Fries, Onion Rings, Tenders, and Chilli.  To finish the meal you get an option of ice cream. 
I have only had the Chicken burgers because I do not eat red meat. I have had the Gabby with Mayo, and the Rustler, which includes BBQ sauce and lettuce.  These are the only two chicken options that are on the menu and they are DELICIOUS. The chicken is not overdone and very tender and moist. The burgers are also HUGE they are easily the size of a small plate.
The burger in itself is plenty large enough for an antire meal, however, being fat kids at heart, we just HAD to order Fries. The french Fries at wild Willy's are amazing. They are crispy and warm and perfect.
Fries and Rootbeer

Another plus for wild willy's is the alcohol. They have a very minamal beer and wine selection. We have never ordered alcohol here, but I do know that you can only order alcohol if you have ordered food and you can only order three.

When you order food you take a number that is on a wooden block. You place the block on your table that you choose, and you wait for the server to bring the food to your table. 

We have been to Wild Willy's a few time and have never had a bad experience. I would recommend anyone to go this wonderful place.

Wild Willy's Website

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