One Girls Crazy Outlook on life in Southern Maine

In December 2010 I moved to Southern Maine from a small town next to Bangor (Bangor is right in the center Maine and is one of the largest cities in Maine for those of you wondering if it's in Canada). Here are some crazy stories of outings, hikes, beer and just the general mayhem that is my life. Welcome. Enjoy. Love it.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mulligan's At Mill Side

Location: 23 Lincoln Street, Biddeford Maine 04005

Price: -$

Alright, so everything you have heard about Mulligan's is probably true. No, it is nothing fancy. Yes, it is irish. Yes, EVERYTHING on the menu is under $5. And n, The service isn't great. Honestly though?? What do you expect, EVERYTHING IS UNDER FIVE DOLLARS. I have read a lot of reviews about Mulligan's and although there are the few that praise the place, there are always those unhappy suckers who complain about the service. Honestly, if I am walking into a place where I can eat an appitizer and an entree and have a beer for less than I can eat at subway, than I am not going to expect great service. If you want good service go to Fore Street where the servers make 20 bucks a table...
Okay, Now that my rant is over I will tell you all about it.
Mulligan's is a little Irish pub located in the heart of Biddeford Maine. Most of the people I mention it to know what it is just because every meal is under 5 dollars. When your food is good and cheap, word spreads. Now, I know what you might be thinking. If the meals are under 5 dollars they probably aren't very big. WRONG. I usually can't finish off the delicious pulled pork sandwich with french fries on my own. On a fat day you can even have gravy and shredded cheese added to the fries.  We also usually get the buffalo wings for an appitizer. They are good, not hott at all, but good.

When you walk into the front door of Mulligan's you are generally not greeted by anyone. In the afternoon, which is when we usually go, you seat yourself and the server comes over. They may not be the most professional people, but they are nice and they are prompt and they certianly know what they are doing. In the afternoon it is not at busy as it is at night. In the evening you will be lucky to find a parking spot, let alone get in the front door. I would suggest, if you are going to go, to go in the afternoon.
Another minor flaw that Mulligan's has is the menu size. They don't have a huge menu, mostly just your regular irish courses. Also, they do not have take out. Eat in Only and no free soda refills (which is probably where they make their money).

Pulled Pork Sandwich with French Fries

The mulligan's menu. It's not big, but it's good.
However, their beer is cheap. We usually get a 16 oz bud light and it is only $2.75 cents. On St. Patrick's day we went and were able to have green beer.  For those of you who don't know about green beer, it is simply just a beer of your choice with green food coloring added to it.
There is no difference to the taste, it is just green.
We love Mulligan's. It is walking distance from our house AND it is cheap. If you are spending ANYTIME in Biddefor Maine and don't want to spend a lot on food than I would highly recommend a stop at Mulligan's. It is located in downtown and is within walking distance of Tran's Market and Reily's Bakery.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Great Lost Bear

Location: 540 Forest Avenue, Portland Maine 04101

Price: $

The Great Lost Bear is one of my favorites. It is a local place located in Portland. It is wonderful.
My boyfriend and I went here one with day with his cousin. We had some amazing food.
The Great Lost Bear is a college hang out, so some of their food choices are completely things you would only eat when you are drunk, dared, or hungover. One example of this is the entree that my boyfriend ordered. It was called The Almighty Chessus Burger.

It was GOOD. The meal is a burger that is not served with a bun. Instead, the burger is served in between two toasted cheese sandwiches... it's great, although it will probably give you a heart attack.
At the time of this visit I was in the middle of another one of my weight loss kicks (these occur about once every 3 days). Because if this temporary "kick" I ordered the Cajun Fried Chicken Salad.

It was huge and great. The salad greens were very crisp and fresh. The chicken came out still hott out off the frying pan which gave the salad even more character. The salad itself was so big that I couldn't finish it. Well, that and I also wanted the most epic dessert I have ever had, but we will get to that in a second. The thousand Island that I got on the salad made a very unique flavor when mixed with the Cajun, I enjoyed it very much.

Another very cool thing about The Great Lost Bear is that they have more than 60 beers on tap. This makes it Ideal for college kids who just want to drink for cheap.
I have decided to post whats currently on tap for you too look at..0

Now, let's talk about the best part of The Great Lost Bear. Yes they have an amazing setting, great food, wonderful service and a phenomenal beer selection. But none of that is why I would go back. No. The Dessert is where it's at.  We aren't generally dessert people when we go out to eat, but this one Item caught my eye and it was a must have.



It was literally to die for. Being baked in a mason jar gives in a nice fudgy texture. Add the ice cream, whipped cream and caramel sauce... you've go heaven in a jar. This is delicious little treat is the one reason I would go back to The Great Lost Bear. I don't care about the calories, the sugar or the carbs... it is amazing.
In fact, I think we will go there tomorrow.

The Great Lost Bear is really a great experience. They have so much to choose from that it will take a while to order.
You should go, even just for drinks and some cake in a jar.

So please, Enjoy The Great Lost Bear

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Location: 363 Maine Mall Rd, South Portland, ME

Price: $

Chipotle arrived in South Portland In mid November and has been quite a hit. Unfortunately for Portland, Chipotle isn't local, its not even a new restaurant. In fact, I visited a Chipotle when I was in Oregon in 2006. We are just a little behind the times here is Maine, no big deal.

Anyway, we decided to go on a cold day in February and it was delicious. The beauty of Chipotle is you can pretty much get whatever you want. When you walk in you go straight to the front to order. It's a little bit like ordering a sandwich at Subway, only you are ordering a Burrito instead. The shells are made right at the store, and you have a choice of multiple items to put in it. The first choice you have is cilantro-lime rice or pinto beans... I got both. You then have the choice of chicken or steak, cheese, guacamole, or salsa (or all of them) and lettuce and/or tomato. I, being a fat kid, got all of them. My boyfriend though, is fussy and only got rice, steak and cheese.

Inside the building. You must walk to the front to order food. You then choose your own table.

You better be hungry if you are visiting chipotle,  the burritos are huge.

You can also get nachos, which is really just a bag of tortilla chips that you dip in salsa verde, which is HOT. If you want guacamole it is going to cost you extra. Just a warning.

Chipotle is good but it is not my favorite. There are a few reasons for this. For starters, I am not really a "chain restaurant" type of girl. If there are a few of the same restuarnt here or there it's fine, but Chipotle is literally located all over the country, I really like local places so much better. Secondly, I am more of a sit down type of girl. I don't want to stand up at the front counter and order. Other than my reserves on the place, the food really is very good. I would recommend a visit there if you are in the mall area in South Portland. Make sure you bring your appitite.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Binga's Stadium Smokehouse and Sports Bar

Location: 77 Free Street, Portland Maine 04101

Price: $$ - $$$

Let me just start by saying, Binga's has the largest wings that I have ever eaten in my life. That being said, the are also pricey.
Binga's Stadium

When you walk into Bings's, you are greeted by a hostess who seats you in a HUGE area with a bar to the right.
(the following is "borrowed" from the Binga's website)
Binga's Website
Binga's Stadium

The room is then separated into a bunch of different types of seating;

Binga's Stadium

The Superbooth

The Superbooth is our version of a corner party booth. In The Superbooth you’re in the thick of the action in the main dining room, but separated by tall booth walls. It can seat up to 20 and has 4 TVs positioned directly above you. From the far side you can see all the projection TVs in the restaurant. The Superbooth can be reserved for parties of 15 or more with a commitment to pre-purchase food.

Binga's Stadium 

Mile High

The ultimate VIP game-watching experience. Eat, drink and chill in one of 12 first class airline chairs while you watch 5 High Definition Plasma TVs. This room is private and works perfectly for big games or business presentations

Binga's Stadium

Buffalo Ballroom

The Buffalo Ballroom has high ceilings, room for a DJ or band and 3 full bars. We host everything from large weekly dance parties, corporate functions, birthday parties and rehearsal dinners all the way to the draft party for the Maine Red Claws.  The capacity of our lower level space is 300 standing with tables and chairs for 50.  Banquet table rental is available

Binga's Stadium

Upper Deck

When you take-over the Upper Deck you’re in the middle of it while being right above it. This part of the restaurant is perfect for parties of 20 to 40 people who want full, sit-down service as a large group. You have visual access to all the main room has to offer, from a dynamic bar area to huge projection TVs. (Accessible by a small stairway.)

Binga's Stadium

Martini Bar

This section of Binga’s Stadium is the perfect mix of big booths and tables. It’s ideal for any mid-size event, as it’s slightly set apart from the main dining area. This section boasts seating in the heart of the action with the option of private bar service.
This section is only available to rent on weekdays during non-peak hours.

Binga's Stadium

Game Room

Located on our lower level, the Game Room provides you with pool and video games.  This room is available for rent, perfect for a casual, game-filled party, overflow from the Buffalo Ballroom or decompression after a day-long seminar.

Looks like a pretty cool place eh?

My first experience at Binga's was one that I will certainly never forget. It was about 2 weeks after my boyfriend and I had started dating. His best friend came up from Massachusetts for the night so we went to Binga's. I, being way to Cocky, decided that I would tell them that I didn't have a heat tolerance for buffalo wings. MISTAKE. This is when I was introduced to one of the best places to eat in Portland. Binga's Stadium. I was also introduced to one of the hottest wings I have ever eaten... well tried to eat. We decided to start lightly. I ordered a half order (3 Tenders) ($5.99) of the "Spicy Redneck" Chicken Tenders (this was before I would eat any meat with the bone in it). I was told by my boyfriend that these wings were hott and that I would probably get my heat fix by eating them. They were not Hott. However, they my have been hott when he ate them because Binga's makes their own sauces every day.  He then, along with the support of his best friend persuaded me to eat the Chernobyl wings... Jerks. When I ordered them the waitress looked at me like I was crazy. This should have been red flag number one. She then told me that they are very hot... red flag number two. Then, when she brought them out, the smell burned my nose... red flag number three. Being stubborn though I dug right in.  I stuck my finger in the sauce and had a lick. I then proclaimed that it wasn't so bad, and grabbed a fork.... problem. I ate one whole tender... which was a lot because they are HUGE.
I ate one tender... one. And then I preceded to die.
See, the beauty of the Chernobyl wing sauce is that it doesn't hit you until oxygen hits it. So, as soon as I took a break.. it was over. In fact, I'm pretty sure I started breathing fire. The warmth hit my tongue like a fire ball. The waitress, seeing this from across the room, immediately came over with some water. To which I insisted that she bring me some milk, which didn't help. I realized that I would have to and endure the pain of the Chernobyl sauce...great. All of a sudden, while I was sitting there, my stomach started to hurt. Well this made sense. Before this little episode I had already eaten 3 large chicken tenders, downed an 18 oz glass of bud light and was working on my second, had some sweet potato fries, and now one incredibly hot wing that was probably burning the stomach lining out of my stomach and an entire 22 oz glass of milk... oooohhh man! If I had to make a recommendation, I would definitely not recommend an encounter with the Chernobyl. I ended up keeping the wings because at the time of this occurrence I was still living with my Mother and she likes hott things. I took them home to her... she ate one like it was no problem... must have been nice. I will never try these wings again. On that note, although these wings were hotter than hell, they did have a good flavor.

Surprisingly enough, these are not the hottest wings to be found at Binga's stadium. They also have a wing called the '08 fire sauce... I have never tried them, BUT one night that we went, my boyfriend's cousin did.

I simply tapped the sauce with my pinky finger and had a spot literally the size of a pencil eraser... I licked my finger just as my boyfriend, who has tried them, told me not to... it burned SO bad I had to finish off my beer, eat some celery with blue cheese, and have a half of another beer before the burn would go away... He did eat all 6 wings... 

Chernobyl Wings

08' Fire Sauce


 If you don't like hott I wouldn't recommend either the 08' fire sauce of the Chernobyl.

Don't be discouraged though, they also have a large variety of wing sauces that are not hot.

Our Own Sauces

:001: Traditional Buffalo

:002: Hot Buffalo

:005: Diesel

:006: Chernobyl

:006: X 10 ’08 Fire Sauce

:001: Buffalo Garlic

:005: Diesel Garlic

:001: Albany-Style Dark buffalo & worcestershire

Valley Girl Buffalo, BBQ, & Honey Mustard

Redneck Buffalo & Maple

:003: Spicy Redneck

Slugger’s BBQ Find our BBQ at Portland Sea Dogs games!

:004: Diesel BBQ Diesel & BBQ

:001: Thai BBQ Thai Chili & BBQ

Garlic BBQ

:002: K.G.B. JalapeƱo Pesto

:002: Blackened Cajun Dry Rub

:005: Hot Mango High-level sweet heat

Sweet and Sour

General Tso’s

:001: Thai Chili

Honey Mustard

PB & J Yes, It’s Peanut Butter & Jelly

:005: Sour Diesel

:001: Buffalo Bacon Nacho

:002: Aroostook blackened caesar

Teri-Yawkee Way

:003: Whassuppy

The number's indicate the warmth of the sauces.

Binga's is such a great experience for anyone. On Wednesday nights they have ladies night and during football season they have Sunday Ticket so you can watch any team you want.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ruski's Tavern

Location: 212 Danforth Street, Portland, ME 04102-3725

Price: $

So, Ruski's is one of those strange little whole in the walls that not many people know about. The first time I went to Ruski's was nothing short of an eye opening experience. See, where I am from, the only bar that serves alcohol and breakfast at the same time is a little dump called Judy's. Judy's bar is located on state street in Bangor Maine. The ghetto. In high school I worked at the subway directly across the street from Judy's where would numerous biker dudes with no teeth get into fights at 9 in the morning because they had a "few" drinks with breakfast. We would then watch them get arrested. Ruski's isn't quite like that. Located just out side of Old Port it is a quint little bar with just a little attention.
To me, drinking this early in the morning seemed like such a "white trash" thing to do. Then, I moved to Portland, started working at the Hospital and completely understood why there were so many Doctor's and nurses drinking at Ruski's at 7 on the morning. Ruski's is very small and only holds about 20 people. On any given morning you will see a group sitting in the corner wearing scrubs drinking a beer.
My favorite part of Ruski's are the mimosas.
Champagne and Orange Juice... you really really can't go wrong.
I hear they also have Bloody Mary's that are to die for and very strong. I have never tried one though. On top of that they are only $4.25.
The first time we visited Ruski's was a morning after drinking more than the average person should in the Old Port. It turns out that this worked out perfectly because they have a breakfast called "hangover easy". This is a huge greasy breakfast that is the perfect answer to any hangover. The breakfast includes 2 eggs, hash browns, home fries, and toast. Served with Coffee or Water. The greasiness is perfect for a hang over in the morning. The reason I do enjoy this breakfast is because it's big.

Breakfast is my favorite meal to go out and eat, but it has to be filling!

Go to Ruski's! Have a pancake and a beer!

Gritty Mcduff's "Gritty's"

Front entrance to Gritty's Off Fore Street.

Location #1: 396 Fore Street Portland, ME 04101-4026
Price: $

Gritty Mcduff's is a little Irish Pub located right in the heart of Old Port. The pub opened in 1988 and was the first microbrewery in the state since prohibition, with it's brick interior, laid back attitude, and back door entrance from cobble stone wharf street, this Irish pub is truly a way to experience what Old Port is really all about. Gritty's has two floors. The top floor entrance is located on Fore street. Here you can either sit at the bar or sit at the tables that are lined up to both the left or the right. On a laid back afternoon, you are allowed to seat yourself.

Entrance From Wharf Street

Inside Gritty's In Portland, Maine

My boyfriend and I have only been to Gritty's a handful of times. There are a couple reason's for this. For starters, there are so many restaurants in Portland that it just doesn't make a lot of sense to us to go to the same place multiple times. Also, Gritty's really just isn't one of my favorites. Don't get me wrong, the food is good by pub standards, it's just not my favorite place to eat. When we went to the Gritty's in Old Port we got a basket of "extra hott" buffalo wings. They weren't hot, at all. They were good wings, but certainly not hott. For an entree, I got (my favorite) a BBQ pulled pork sandwich on a bulky roll served with a side of french fries.  The sandwich was very good. Sometimes pulled pork tends to be a little dry. But this one was very good with plenty of extra BBQ sauce. With it, I got a bud light, even though Gritty's does brew their own beer. The reason for this is that I just haven't really found a beer that I like as far as Gritty's goes. That's not to say that they don't have good beers, that is to say that I am in fact a beer snob. Gritty's has a very good Beer List that many of my friends enjoy. The service at Gritty's is good, and I would recommend anyone to grab a drink on a hott day if you are in the Old Port. Unlike Bull Feeney's though, Gritty's just does not have that "Irish feeling." It is very hard to describe. Honestly you are just going to have to go there and see for yourself. 

Location # 2:  187 Lower Main Street
Freeport, ME 04032-1002

The Back seating Area of Gritty's in Freeport, Maine

In all honesty, I can't even begin to describe the inside of Gritty McDuff's in Freeport, Maine. The day we went was a beautiful August day, so we sat outside. We literally walked in the door and got seated within 2 minutes. We sat out back on the patio over looking a small play ground for the younger patrons. This was nice because, 1. the kids had a place to play and 2. they were far enough away that I couldn't hear them.  It was at this Gritty's that I had my one and only "favorite" Gritty's appetizer. We sat down and decided to order a couple beers and this odd little appetizer called pork fries. Now, what do you think of when you hear pork fries? Whatever it is you are thinking, you are wrong (unless of course you have had pork fries).
These are Pork Fries.

Pork fries are amazingly and deliciously terrible for you.
Basically, for some reason Some Irish Man somewhere had the idea to take pulled pork, slap it on some sweet potato fries, throw some shredded cheese on top of it, and bake it. He was brilliant. These amazing fries should probably be eaten with a fork, but I really didn't see any reason why I couldn't use my fingers. The mixture of sweet potato fries with pulled pork and cheese is a melt in your mouth experience like no other. 
In all honestly though, I am not sure if the Portland restaurant has this dish so the next time you are in Freeport Maine, which is located just north of Portland, you should probably indulge in some Pork Fries... otherwise your life is going to be incomplete.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Stockhouse Restaurant & Sports Pubs

Location: 506 Main Street, Westbrook Maine 04092

Price: $

The stockhouse was one of those places that we found all of a sudden online one day. We were searching for a restaurant that served cheap wings on any given night. In Bangor, where we are from, there is a restaurant called The Roost. There they serve 35 cent wings every night after 7 PM. It blew my mind that there wasn't a place like that in Portland, so I started doing some research. That is when I came across The Stockhouse. The restaurant is located in Westbrook Maine. A small cute little town located northwest of Portland. There, we found a wing deal; 25 cent wings on Tuesday nights! This just about knocked me out of my chair. 25 Cent wings?!?? really?!? that was just amazing to me, especially in this economy. I should have known there are a catch.
When we go to The stockhouse, which is an old warehouse turned into a College hang out, we waited about 10 minutes just for someone to come over and greet us.  We then had to wait another 10 minutes to be seated because the place was so jam packed with drunk college kids just wanting their 25 cent wings. Now, let me just tell you a little something about myself. When I get hungry, I get grouchy, when I have to wait to be seated, I get even more grouchy. However, I held it together and waited with my boyfriend for "about" ten minutes.
Once we were seated it took no time at all to get our drinks and put in our order. We were so excited about the 25 cent Buffalo wings that we nearly forgot to order beer. Which was also on special for $2.50 for a BIG glass of Bud Light. And when I say big I mean 22 oz of beer for $2.50! AMAZING! Naturally we ordered our beer first, then as I started looking over the menu, my eyes caught something.
"The Rules"
remember that "catch" that I mentioned, well here is was.
1. If purchasing 25 cent wings, you must tip the waitress at least 15 % Gratuity. (which is automatically added to the receipt)
2. When purchasing 25 cent wings, you must buy a drink. If you are buying a soft drink, refills are not free

Those are the only two that I remember, but I assure you there was a whole list.

Despite the fact that I needed prerequisites to eat the 25 cent wings, I still wanted them.

We ended up ordering the Hot, Sweet n' Spicy, and the Jerk Style wings, and ooooohhh mmmaaannnn they were delicious! My favorite were the Sweet n' Spicy. The flavor was just amazing. The least favoirte were the Jerk.  This was a rub, not a sauce, and it made if very difficult to enjoy the actual tenderness of the chicken. We also had sweet potato fries (shocking right?) they were very good, and very crispy, just how we like them.

Because it was wing night we only indulged ourselves with Wings. However, The Stockhouse has a very extensive Menu that every age would enjoy. I would go back even if I do have to have some sort of degree to eat the wings.

This is what the inside of The Stockhouse looks like. Except the night we went they also had "ghetto" folding tables set up to double their capacity.

Novare Res Bier Cafe

Location: 4 Canal Plaza, Suite 1
Portland, ME
Enter through the alleyway at the Key bank sign on lower Exchange St between Middle St and Fore St. Look for Novare Res on the north side of the parking lot.

Price: $$

Novare Res is one of those places that you don't hear a lot about. It is only located in Portland Maine, and it ONLY serves beer. So, if you aren't a beer drinker, than don't go here. If you don't like dark, quiet bars, that don't go here. And if you don't have any interest in TRYING beer, than don't go here. They serve BEER... that is it... BEER. Good BEER, but yes, Just BEER.
Now that that is out of my system. If you aren't a close minded person, or you do like beer, than it is highly recommended that you go to this amazing little bar. Like, now. Okay, well not now, but when you are done reading this blog.
Novare Res, lovingly referred to at "the beer garden" by locals, has a menu with OVER 300 different types of beers on it. Yea, you read it. Over 300, with a variety of 25 taps that rotate all the time.
Don't Believe me? see for yourself:
The Beer List
The Draught List

Alright. So, Novare Res is not the easiest place to find. Not even close. In order to to it, you must know where you are going, and you need to look for a couple key things. For starters, you need to be on Exchange Street.. we have made that mistake before. Secondly, you have to look for this sign :Other wise you are never going to find the damn place because it is tucked into an alley way.. but once you do find it.. prepare yourself for "epicness".

When you walk into the bar, you are met by a bouncer, sorry kids, you gotta be 21. You then walk into a large room lined with wooden tables and bar in the back right corner...

*Note. This picture was copied off line, and I really have no idea why this women has her baby in a bar... classy.

One you get your drinks, you can either stay at the bar, sit at one of the wooden tables or you have make your way across the room into a smaller room with comfy chairs and dart boards. However, this room fills up fast, so you may want to start drinking around noon. In the Summer and Fall Months you also have the option to sit outside on the patio. In order to do so, you will have to walk out the front door.

The bar tenders are so incredibly helpful when it comes to picking out your beer choice for the evening. It is hard sometimes when you don't really know what anything takes like. Once you tell them what you like for "American" beer, they can then find something you like.
One night when I was there, I was being my usual indecisive self and I just couldn't figure out what I wanted. After talking to the bartender for a little while he introduced me to an amazing beer from Belgium called Tripel Karmeliet. It is the fruitiest most amazing beer I have ever tasted. I now get it every single time because, well, A it's in my comfort zone and B I know I like it... which isn't always easy to find at the beer garden.

What is even "cooler" is the beers are all served in their own glasses. Meaning that when I order the Tripel Karmeliet, it comes in the glass that is shown above. This is the case with all the different beers. Don't try to steal the glasses though, it's not going to happen. They will not sell them either. :/

We also usually get a cheese platter when we go. This is because we are fat kids at heart, and we love cheese... these two things put together are never a good combination. The beer garden has about 11 different types of plates you can get that have cheese, nuts, and meat on them. They are $3 a piece and I haven't had one yet that I don't like. During the day they also have sandwiches, sweets, and other odds and ends that people may like to go along with their beer.

 Food Menu

Novare Res is one of those little amazing local hole-in-the-wall type bars. Go there, it's amazing!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sebago Brewing Company

Location #1: Portland - in the Old Port
164 Middle Street 04101

Price: $

Sebago Brewing Company is one of those great bars that serves food until one o'clock in the morning. This is good for people who get drunk and then get hungry. My boyfriend and I have been here many times.
When you walk into the Old Port location of Sebago Brewing company, you have to take your immediate left. You then have the option to go right down over the stairs, or straight to the upstairs bar. The down stairs is ideal for dinning and for large groups of people. Late at night, when we are usually there (between 11:30 pm and 1:00 am) the downstairs dinning room is closed. We usually sit at the bar because that is where we can usually get the best service. The bar tenders don't waste any time once you sit down. We can usually sit down and have our drinks and food ordered (if you know what you want, which we usually do) within the first ten minutes of us being there. Depending how hungry you are, you can always munch on the publicly handled pretzels that are sitting in front of you in the glad cup. Just keep in mind that you aren't the only person to have touched these or breathed on these pretzels, which is why I don't eat them. Plus I work in health care.

When we go we always get the sweet potato fries. They come in a tall wire basket type holder and are incredibly crispy. They have wonderful flavoring that is complimented by a mayo type sauce. The mayo is excellent, if you like mayo.

We also get the Buffalo Wings.
Now, just a little side note. We are buffalo wing FANATIC! If we could afford it, and actually spent any amount of time in a gym, then we would probably eat buffalo wings every single day. However, they can't just be a buffalo wing. We aren't going to go to a restaurant and just buy a plan Jane "mild" buffalo wing, no, Might as well eat regular chicken if we are going to do that. We like it HOTT.
unfortunately the wings at Sebago don't live up to our wing expectations, but they are good.
Let me explain:
For starters, they don't meet the "hott" level requirements that we like, But they aren't "mild" either. In fact, any "buffalo wing virgin" would probably rate them as "hott."
also, they are served in a full wing;

We like our chicken wings separated into smaller manageable pieces;

All in all though, the wings are decent, or as decent as brewery wings can be!

Sebago Brewing Company is great because it is a group of both young and old people. It isn't your typical bar where there are just twenty one year old running around in their little provocative get ups. This is a real, low key, bar where on any given night you will see an old man sitting at the end of the bar reading a news paper and drinking a beer.

The second Location to this restaurant is:
Scarborough - at the Maine Mall
201 Southborough Drive 04074

This location is in a brand new building that just opened in the Summer 2010.
They have the exact same menu as the original place in Old Port.

Sebego Brewing Company also brews it's own beers. They have a type for every single beer drinker out there.
To check out what they have click on the link below:
Sebego Brewing Company Beer List

Despite the fact that Sebago mostly centers it's drinking around beers, my favorite drink of  all time is called:
Now, I cannot tell you what the ingredients are, because well, I don't know them. But I can tell you that whatever this concoction has in it... makes it the most epic drink I have ever had. With Money, time, and a DD, I could suck these drinks down all day without even knowing I was drinking alcohol. Well, until I started acting inappropriate and saying things that I would never say sober...This drink is pink and delicious. Now, if you haven't figured it out already, it tastes JUST like starburst candy... it is epic. The tropical skittle also gets Honorable mention!

If you are ever in the Old Port area or in the Mall area, I would recommend both of these places. For more of the "bar scene" I would recommend the Old Port Location. However, if you are just going for a nice dinner with friends or family, than the Scarborough location would be perfect for you.