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In December 2010 I moved to Southern Maine from a small town next to Bangor (Bangor is right in the center Maine and is one of the largest cities in Maine for those of you wondering if it's in Canada). Here are some crazy stories of outings, hikes, beer and just the general mayhem that is my life. Welcome. Enjoy. Love it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Old Country Buffet

Location: 517 Maine Mall Rd, So. Portland Maine, 04106

Price: - $

Alright, I am going to TRY to be as nice as possible...

I will start off by saying that the buffet is huge with many different variety's of food. I will also state that the dining room is huge with many window options to sit.  They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That being said, these are the only three things this place has going for it.
For starters, it shares a parking lot with best buy and sears at the mall, this means that there is no parking or you have to park a mile away to get to it. This however, is just minor.

The food... I can honestly tell you that there was not one single thing that I enjoyed in this buffet. I only got one plate of food, if that tells you anything...
The eggs were completely powdered and so watered down that the scrambled eggs were running all over the plate.  The bacon was crispy, which is good, unless, like this bacon, it was too crispy. The pancakes were a whole other story. They were so rubbery that my fork would not even cut through them. On top of that, The juice bar and silverware are on the complete opposite side of the building from the food.
Dont let the picture fool you, my plate looked a lot different than this one. I'm pretty sure this one has cat vomit on it actually.

I will tell you, this place is very cheap. I believe we paid $4 a person for the buffet breakfast. But you get what you pay for. I would never recommend this place to anyone.

I'm not even going to post a link, I don't want to subject any of you to that.


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