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In December 2010 I moved to Southern Maine from a small town next to Bangor (Bangor is right in the center Maine and is one of the largest cities in Maine for those of you wondering if it's in Canada). Here are some crazy stories of outings, hikes, beer and just the general mayhem that is my life. Welcome. Enjoy. Love it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Famous Dave's

Location: 3 Cabela Blvd
Scarborough, ME 04074-5508
Price: $-$$

Famous Dave's is an interesting place located in Scarborough Maine. It was... okay.

I had heard mixed reviews about Famous Dave's and I figured I would just try it out. Some things about it were very good, some were not.
Let's start with the interior.
The inside of the restaurant is your atypical "busy" place. The walls are lined with many signs and little nic nac's that are related to the "redneck, or BBQ" persona.
(thank you for the picture)
Our Favorite Sign was one that said "get sauced."

We want this in our apartment.

This was appropriate because Famous Dave's does have a nice selection of sauces. I tried them all.

My favorite was the "Devil's Spit." It was the spiciest of all of the sauces and I put it on my chicken burger. The sweet zesty was also very good.

Alright.... To the food. *deep breath*

Shockingly enough we decided to go with a chicken wing appetizer. They had some interesting flavors. We decided to go with one of the hottest;
 The Pineapple Rage.

I wish this picture was in focus...but you get the idea.

They were so incredibly amazing. You could just tell they were hot by looking at them. As soon as the sauce touched your lips the peppers burned. It was completely worth it. They were outstanding. The chicken was very tender and the wings were actually loaded with sauce.

Then, the meals came... problem.

My boyfriend a lunch special that included sausage, chicken, mac and cheese, corn on the cob and corn bread.
a typical BBQ meal.

The sausage was very very good and have wonderful flavor. The chicken was HUGE, and very tender. The Mac and Cheese had jalapenos and corn mixed into it... yummy. He ate it all, by himself.

I decided that I would go with the BBQ pulled chicken. Mistake. I figured that, since I loved BBQ pulled pork, than chicken would be delicious too. Wrong.

Basically it was chicken slapped with cheese and BBQ sauce, thrown on a plain Jane hamburger bun.
Besides the fact that the bun was bland. The chicken was very low quality. For starters, my first bite had what one may call a "knuckle" in it. One whole side of the sandwich was a fatty mesh of chicken and disgusting. I added the Devil's spit sauce because the sandwich was also very bland.
The pickles were very good. But then again we all know how I feel about pickles.

My favorite part of this dish was the mashed sweet potato with brown sugar on top. It was very sweet and didn't have any lumps. That is always a plus. I do however, wish there had been a little more brown sugar on top of the potato.

I decided that I would go with Water with this meal because I hadn't slept in about 16 hours and I didn't want to be more tired than I already was. So I stayed away from the alcohol. My boyfriend, however, had a tall blue moon with this meal.

Famous Dave's is another one of those "experience" places. It wasn't terrible and I would most definitely go back for beer and wings. I would avoid the BBQ chicken at all costs, but I would go with the mashed sweet potatoes. They are so good. If a friend recommends this place or wants to go here than do it, otherwise, I wouldn't go there. Like I have said before, stick to the local authentic places in Portland.

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