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Monday, April 4, 2011

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar

Location: 85 Western Ave. South Portland, Maine 04106

Price: $

We decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings in South Portland with some friends in March. It was nothing short of amazing. The restaurant is brand new. We actually went before it even had its grand opening. This is by far my favorite national chain in Southern Maine.

The inside of the restaurant is HUGE.  You can sit at the bar. You can sit in the seating area in front of you, to the left of you, or to the right of you.

You are also surrounded by flat screen T.V.s.

The food, service, drinks, and prices were outstanding.  We went on a Tuesday night. This worked out perfectly because it was trivia night and it was 50 cent wing night. Making the food even cheaper.

This was fun, until 1. we started losing and 2.our food came.

This trip was especially memorable for me because this was the first time I had ever tried FRIED PICKLES.  It was never that I had ever even thought about trying... this night was different it was time to be daring... This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

They were so incredibly amazing. The mixture between saltiness, sweetness, and crispiness, mixed with the tangy ranch dressing was like a burst of amazingness in my mouth. In fact, ever since this trip, I have craved this awesome appetizer.
Then, It was time to order the wings. One thing I like about Buffalo Wild Wings, they don't just have the typical hot, mild, regular flavors. In fact, they have 14 different flavors of wings.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Sweet BBQ, Teriaki, Mild, Parmesan Garlic, Medium, Honey BBQ, Spicy Garlic, Asian Zing, Caribbean Jerk, Hot BBQ, Hot, Mango Habanero, Wild, and Blazin'.

We decided to get 18 wings. We got 6 of the Asian Zing, 6 of the Sweet BBQ, and 6 of the Hot.
The Asian Zing were my favorite. They were sweet and tangy with just a little bit of spice. They are perfect for the people who like a mixture of hot and sweet.

The Sweet BBQ were also very good. They were not hot at all but they were very sweet. They had an extremely good flavor to them.

The hot They really weren't as hot as I had expected. People had also told us all about how hot they were. Thus, when we got them, they were not that hot, so we were a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, they are very good with fantastic flavoring, but they just aren't that hot.

I wish we had gotten another 6 of something else. I wouldn't have minded trying a sauce that was a little hotter. Buffalo Wild Wings also has a wing challenge. If you eat 12 of the wings with the blazin' sauce on them, than you get your name on the wall. It is announced over the loud speaker when you decide to try it so if you fail, the whole place is going to know about it.

Another wonderful thing about this awesome restaurant... their drinks!

This is called a wild berry margarita.
 I had... three of them.
This fruity drink was outstanding. The bartenders know what they are doing and they don't go easy on the alcohol. My boyfriend had a couple of draft beers that he enjoyed very much.

If you have the chance and you like it hott than go to Buffalo Wild Wings. It is located over by the sea dog in South Portland.  However, they don't just have hot wings. In fact they have a full menu that you should go check out.
AND if you don't have a chance to check it out, than you should at least check out the Buffalo Wild Wings's pretty cool. And if you are looking at it at work and your boss comes along, than just hit the boss tag on the left... you will be fin. wink. wink.

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  1. Yeah, so had to try this out since my stepkids were in town. While the Asian Zing has a nice hit of ginger and is what EVERY plate of General Tso chicken should be slathered in, the Blazin' sauce is awesome! I will be going back to do the wing challenge, for sure. I want that T-shirt!