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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kon Asian Bistro

Location: 1140 Brighton Ave, Portland Maine, 04102

Dining: $$
Hibatchi: $$$

Let me just start off by saying that KON is AMAZING.
When you walk into the building, you see a large budda sitting in a fountian right in in front of you.  If you sit in the dinning area (where the buddha is), you may be lucky to witness a drunk patron flop into the fountian. Unfortunately I have never witnessed this myself, but I have heard stories and I am sure that it is one of the funniest things that could probably happen while eating in a restuarant.
If you are looking for an amazing chinese food sit down with a friend or a date, than the dinning room is going to be the best place for you. The bar, which is beautiful, is located in the dinning room and is connected to the sushi bar. 

BEWARE: Mai Tai's are STRONG. When I say strong I don't mean, "oh lets go have a couple mai tai's at KON because they are strong and it's a cheap way to get drunk." WRONG. When I say strong I mean, you won't be able to drink it because they ONLY put alcohol in them with no mixer... plus they aren't cheap. I believe they ring up at about 8 bucks a drink.
Trust me stay away from the mai tai's at KON.

If you are looking for the ultimate dinning experience, and have a party of people with you. Than the Hibachi is going to be the ideal place for you.  Hibachi's are loud, and this particular one had about 4 tables in the room, making it even louder. However, Hibachi's are an absolute blast. The habachi chefs are fantastic and enjoy their jobs. Nobody ever gets bored at a hibachi, having chef's yelling at you, throwing food at you and flipping food through the air is always a good time!

At the hibachi I had chicken. It was cooked perfectly and was very tender.  It came with rice, which has egg mixed in. Also, vegetables are included, and because it is all cooked right in front of you, it is still warm.

I also had the Sushi Boston rolls. 

These rolls have rice, seaweed, crab, and cucumber overed in fish eggs. Dipped in soy sauce with wasabi on top make these rolls. EPIC... But only if you like sushi. The sushi platter comes with 6 rolls and is almost enough food to keep you full for the rest of the day. But nothing is going to hold me back from my delicious chicken.

My boyfriend and I have actually been here quit a few times, and I have also gone with my best friend. They both love it there as well.
Another dish that I get, Usually when we don't sit at the Hibachi, is the General Tso's Chicken.

One Word... AMAZING.
The general Tso's chicken at Kon is the juciest most flavorful general tso's chicken that I have ever had. The spice to the dish is just right and nothing to hot. I personally wouldn't mind if this dish was a little but hotter, but the weaklings probably wouldnt like it.:)
The drinks are Kon are also outstanding, and STRONG.. aka. Made correctly.

I would recommend this places to ANYONE. If you are in Portland than you absouletly need to go here. This is the best chinese I have ever had in my entire life.

Here is a link to the KON website, Be careful... it sings.

Kon Asian Bistro

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