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Friday, April 1, 2011

Nosh Kitchen Bar

Photo courtesy of Corey Templeton

Location: 551 Congress St. Portland Maine 04101

Price: $$ - $$$

One word.

Nosh is one of the newer places in Portland Maine and oh man, it is epic.

I was first introduced to Nosh one night when I was watching the show Man vs. Food on the travel channel.

Video of Adam Richman Nosh

As you see in the video, Adam Richman had an Apocalypse Now burger, tempura fried bacon, and some bacon dusted french fries.
 Naturally we had to follow suit.
We decided to meet some friends at Nosh one afternoon. It was the best decision we had ever made.
My boyfriend, of course, had the Apocalypse Now burger. The burger is made with Beef Brisket, Beef Short Rib, Pork Belly, Bacon, Bacon ends, Fois Gras (Fatty Duck Liver), 2 slices of white American cheese of each burger patty, Cherry Spread, and Homemade mayo. I hope you have an appetite. The burger, like all of their burgers, comes in 1, 2, 3 or 4 pattys. Adam (man vs. food), had the 4 pattys, and you need to special request this if you want it.
The Apocalypse Now burger is very good, especially if, like me, you don't realize that Foie Gras is fatty duck liver. However, you need to have an appetite if you are going to attempt this burger, and you need to have a heavy wallet. Just the burger itself costs about $20.

I, on the other hand, took a little bit more conservative (and cheaper) route and ordered the toasted chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce, cherry peppers and cheddar cheese.
It was huge, and delicious! I almost could not finish it! But I did because well, I am a champ.
It was perfectly toasted with not to much mayo, but just enough so it wasn't dry. The tops did however need to be "smushed" down because it was to large, but i made it work.
These two meals were not even close to my favorite part of Nosh though. It's not that the entrees weren't epically amazing.. it was that they just weren't as amazing as the...


How do you make bacon dust? NOBODY KNOWS. I have looked online to find out where this amazingly delicious light powder comes from.. it's only under the roof of Nosh Kitchen Bar. I THINK they take the bacon grease, let it sit and harden and then crush it up into dust... I am not 100% sure though. What I am sure of is these fries are AMAZING. They taste just like bacon and they are HUGE. Each fry is easily the size of 4 MacDonald's french fries put together. They are crispy on the outside and amazing on the inside, and they are bought locally, which makes it even better because they are fresh!
Our friends got the Salt and Vinegar french fries.

They were good and did taste just like salt and vinegar, but they were nothing like the bacon dusted fries. Although, personally, I would "bacon dust" everything I ate if I could.

Nosh is a very cool little place even just to have a drink. When you walk in you must go though a black curtain. You then choose which table you want to sit at. The room is very open with the kitchen at the end. It is very bright and lined with copper top tables.

The large board at the end of the room is a chalk board with the menu written on it. However you also get a paper copy.

 Unfortunately, we did not try the tempura fried bacon... mostly because we forgot about it, but also because we were SO FULL! Especially my boyfriend, with his Eiffel tower of meat. The next time we go though we will definitely be getting the tempura fried bacon, and of course, the BACON DUSTED FRENCH FRIES.
Another thing that I recently learned about Nosh, it is open AND serving food until 12:15 in the morning. That means you can go get your drink on in the OLD PORT than go get a late night snack at Nosh.
Go there, you won't be disappointed.

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