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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Blazin' Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings

I've thought about it, talked about it, even told people that I was going to do it. Did I ACTUALLY think that I would ever do the Blazin' Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings? ooh hell no!  I figured it would be one of those things were I talked a big game but, like usual, chickened out when I got there. For some reason though, I was feeling pretty daring on this particular day.

When we walked into Buffalo Wild Wings in South Portland. We were greeted by many people from work. This could have been part of the problem. Not to mention the fact that I was strictly told that I better not back down.

I started out with my typical order of fried pickles.

In all honesty I was fairly disappointed in the size of the appetizer. It was brought out and there were maybe 25 pickles. This was frustrating just because of the volume served at Binga's and Buck's Naked BBQ. They were still delicious though.

We then told the waitress our plans. We wanted to do the Blazin' Challenge.  She didn't really seem to awfully scared to be honest. She was a little surprised that we wanted to do it, but never really said anything about them being hott. I was kind of surprised that she didn't really try to talk us out of it or anything like that.

She then brought over the  waiver form. Now, generally, if a place have a waiver form to eat their hottest wings, you should probably rethink every decision you have made up to this point... we, however, signed away or lives without even thinking about it.

So basically the waiver just says if you die, or your stomach lining burns out you can't sue them... fair enough.

Then, the wings came.
 ooooh. mmmmmmyyyyy

So, here, sat in front of me; 12 of the hottest wings in the place, and I had to eat them in 6 minutes... This wasn't going to be good.

No sauce, no napkins, no drink...
When the waitress said "go!" all of my determination went into just finishing the wings.

I took the first bite..
Much to my surprise, they weren't the hottest wings I have ever had!
The Blazin' wings at Buffalo Wild Wings range at only about 300,000 scoville units. ("only") That is about as hot as a habanero pepper.
Just a few nights prior, my boyfriend and I were at his Brother-in-laws where we indulged in 4 million scoville units... not THAT is some hot stuff.

Basically, what is came down to is speed, because the wings themselves were not "hott" to my standards.
Luckily, I was blessed with a big mouth. This made it easy for me to tear the chicken off the bone and "pocket it" while I started in on the second and third wing. This way, I could eat many wings and not waste time swallowing after every one.

Of the three people at our table who did the challenge;


I did the challenge in 3 minutes 15 seconds. About a minute faster than my boyfriend (who HATES to lose).

I will say this, if you do the challenge, do everything you can to keep the sauce off your face. My mouth was fine, but my cheeks and my chin were BURNING for about 15 minutes after the challenge.

We walked away with a free tee shirt, cheaper wings (the amount you pay for your wings equals the time that you completed the challenge. Example: I finished my wings in 3 minutes 15 seconds, so I only paid $3.15 for my 12 wings.),and our bellies full.... especially since we ordered 12 Asian zing wings after.

It's ashame this day was ruined by stupid bullshit drama. luckily it started off well.

Do the wing challenge! Unless you're scared!

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