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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RíRá Irish Pub - The Real Flavor of Ireland

Location: 72 Commercial Street
Portland, ME 04101-4749

Price: $$

This was not my first time at RíRá Irish Pub. My boyfriend and I had gone here for drinks before. This time though, I decided I would grab a bite to eat with a friend. We agreed on RíRá Irish Pub in Old Port Maine because, well I have never eaten there, and is also close. We met there around 8 PM on a Sunday night. This was perfect because parking in Old Port is free on Sunday's and nobody really goes out to eat or drink on a Sunday night at eight.

When walked in we were greeted by very friendly staff that informed us that we could eat down stairs or upstairs. We decided to live on the edge and procedded up the stairs. RíRá Irish Pub has two bars. They have the one downstairs:

And they have the one upstairs:

Both Area's are huge and very nice. We ate in the dinning room;

We were able to pick our own table, so naturally we sat next to the window. The view from RíRá Irish Pub is really quite something. We litterally looked down right on the water and into an area where boats are docked.

Alright, thats enough about the venue, now lets about about the absolutely amazing food...and beer. I decided that I would order a Hoegaarden. This is a very light Belgium wheat beer and man it is amazing.

It is unfiltered, so it has a cloudy appearence and it has a hint of orange flavor. It's good. Trust me. Try it.

I then ordered an appitizer for the table. I went with the spinach and artichoke dip. One word. Epic. Unlike your traditional chain restaurants that serve tortilla chips with this dip. RíRá Irish Pub serves it with a small loaf of home made bread... whoa. The dip on top of the bread was an amazing texture and flavor. It was absolutely perfect. What really sold me was that the bread was still warm!! I love warm bread!

For an entree we went with the fish and chips. Holy hugness batman! When I ordered this dish I didn't realize that I would be getting a fish the size of a small orca whale! It was literally HUGE!

Literally! Yea, I ate all of it.

A small disclaimer about fish: I don't like really fishy fish. If it has that really fishy smell than I really have trouble choking it down. This being said, I do like haddock and fish that are not to fishy. This fish was no fishy AT ALL. Now, keep in mind that this is the REGULAR size. They also have a LARGE. Can you imagine how big that would be?!?! where are they getting these fish!??! Anyway, Fish and Chips on the menu is described as the chef’s market choice of fresh Haddock or Cod, hand cut chips, tartar sauce or Irish Remoulade. It was also not chewy, which, onbiosuly, is always a plus. It fell apart at the touch of a fork. The suculent taste was to absolutly die for. The fish and chips most certianly gets an A+ in my book. It is by far the best fish I have had in Portland thus far. The Fries, or the "Chips" as they are called, weren't bad either. However, they were your typical "pub fries."

Now, for a normal person, this would have been plenty of food. For me however, not so much. We decided that we would split a dessert. This was one of the best decisions on the night. We went with the Lava Cake. Oh. My.

I have had dreams about this cake ever since. It was probably one of the best desserts I have ever eaten. My only complaint... it was LITTLE.

They cake was a very very fudgelike cakey substance. The melt in your  mouth cake park wasn't even the best though. The center was filled with gooey, runny chocolate that just covered the entire spoon. It was outstanding.

RíRá Irish Pub is amazing. It is very low key with fantastic service. It is also a very quiet place where you can have nice converstation with the people are with. I am not sure if this is the case every night however. Remember, we did go on a Sunday, when there were not many people out and about. Being right on the water is a wonderful experience as well. I would recommend RíRá Irish Pub,however, I would keep in mind that it is expensive. If you check out the RíRá Irish Pub - The Real Flavor of Ireland Website you can also see what event they have on certian nights!!!

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