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Friday, April 22, 2011

Gettin' Our Bell Rung at Buck's Naked BBQ

Location: 568 US Route 1, Freeport, Maine

Price: $$

Website: Buck's Naked BBQ

After a long day of hiking Bradbury Mountain in Pownal, Maine, we decided that we would Check out Buck's naked BBQ.

View from the top to Bradbury Mountain

Buck's a very very neat little place. It is very large and located just outside of the shopping area's in Freeport. It is located in a log cabin like building. When you walk in you are instantly greeted. The seating area is huge with a bar to the left.
The kitchen is all open on the back wall so if you want, you can watch your food being made. The area looks like your typical BBQ joint with signs on the wall and TVs so you can watch whatever sport is on at that time.
I wish I had a picture of it. But I don't.

Considered the fact that we were starving. Well, I was anyway, I talked my boyfriend into ordering two appetizers.  Yes. Two. Let me explain myself and my fat ways.
In previous posts I have explained to you that I now have a huge fetish for fried pickles. Naturally, Buck's has fried pickles and as soon as I read about them on the menu I instantly had to have them. If I hadn't given into temptation I would still be craving them, this wouldn't be a good thing. Secondly, We love hot wings, so we ordered the award winning wings. And let me tell you.. they were outstanding. In much of their own ways.

The Fried pickles were some of the best we have had. They were huge, which is always a plus, and they were very warm. Another plus, they were not greasy at all. They were served with a Cajun like dipping sauce that was perfect. WHEN we go back to Buck's we will definitely be ordering these deliciously tangy wings again.

Now, to the WINGS!

We decided that we would get two half size (six wings) orders of wings. We went with the chili lime and the ring your bell HOT wings. The ring your bell wings were as hott as you could go without having to sign a waiver saying that you aren't going to sue them when your stomach lining burns out of your body. We honestly had no idea what was about to happen. I wish I had tried the chili lime first because, for starters, they weren't hott, and also I would have still had taste buds. Stupidly though we went with the hotter wings first. MISTAKE.
The plate with the two types of wings. On the bottom of the picture, the chili lime. The top are the ring your bell...HOT.

Ring Your Bell Hott Wings.
If you look really close, you can see the HABANERO SEEDS that are mixed into the sauce.
They are a very tangy wing with excellent flavor... at first... and then, all of a sudden... BAM....death of taste buds.
These were by far the hottest wings I have ever in my life eaten... EVER. I was able to eat two...I ended up leaving a wounded solider.. then I was done. When we ordered the wings we didn't order any blue cheese, ranch or water for that matter. We usually don't dip our wings in sauce because it takes away from the flavor of the wing, and it adds a significant amount to the calorie count. This instance probably could have been an exception. Luckily, our waitress was lingering around, and through a burning mouth and teary eyes, I asked her if she could please bring some water and blue cheese STAT.

Needless to say, these wings definitely rung our bells.
Once our mouths cooled down, and we were no longer breathing fire, we tried the chili lime. They are very good. They had a very sweet flavor. I will tell you though that this isn't the best sense to describe these because my taste buds were fried. I need to go back and have them again to really give a good description of the taste.
The best part about ordering these wings...

WET NAPKINS! Come on the plate!

The meat on the wings was very tender and pretty much just fell right off the bone. They are smoked, to the pink on the inside is nothing to get excited about.

For entrees we ordered the "pick two." With this you can choose two types of meat. Your choices include
brisket, pulled pork, cowboy sausage, pit
roasted chicken or jerk chicken.
I chose the pulled pork and the jerk chicken.
With this meal you also got the choice of two sides.
You choices included:
potato salad, cole slaw, braised greens,
baked potato, dinky salad, corn bread,
baked beans, corn nibblets
Substitute one of our Jacked Up sides for any regular side

steak fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings

loaded baked potato

(featuring sour cream, cheese & bacon),

mac & cheese

I went with the sweet potato fries which were a $1.50 extra and the potato salad. My boyfriend, who choice the pulled pork and the cowboy sausage, chose the steak fries for a $1.50 extra, and the mac and cheese (with was outstanding) for $2.50 extra.

My meal, The pulled pork, jerk Chicken, potato salad, sweet potato fries, and corn bread, was PERFECT and PLENTY of food.

The corn bread, which is usually dried out and mealy and restaurants was moist and just the right texture. I only wish that it had been bigger!

The potato salad, which is considered a regular side, actually had flavor, unlike most. It wasn't as good as my Mama's potato salad, but it was right up there. The potato was cooked just right and they had celery and onions mixed into the sauce to give that perfect BBQ feeling.

The sweet potato fries... OH myyy.. For the first time in my life, I had brown sugar on the top of these fries. The quality of the fries themselves though were not awesome. They were a little bit "skinnier" than what I like. They were still very good though. The brown sugar was the icing on the cake. It made the flavor so much better than what they would have been if they had been just plain.
I actually wish that there had been more brown sugar on top of the fries, But that is mostly just because I have a massive sweet tooth.

Ya, that's brown sugar. YUMMM

The pulled pork was melt in your mouth tender and had a nice smoked flavor to it. I added one of Buck's special sauces to it to top off the flavor. It was amazing.
The reason this Buck's Naked BBQ is called Buck's naked BBQ is because they don't put sauce on the meats they serve. They let you do that. They have four different flavors that are listed out for you at the table.
My favorite, and the one that I added to the pork was the Buck's House BBQ Sauce.

Naturally, I tried all of them.

The Jerk Chicken was not my favorite. The chicken itself was so fall off the bone tender and very pink from being smoked. The amount of jerk on top was a little overwhelming.
That brown blob that you see.. that's jerk seasoning. I actually had to scrap some of it off. It wasn't terrible, it was a little bit spicy. But it was just to much.

The Mac and Cheese that my boyfriend had was probably the best mac and cheese that I have ever had in my entire life.

It was so creamy and cooked well and had extra cheese on top. IT WAS AMAZING.
Buck's also has quit a selection of beers.
This was a plus because we like to try new things. I decided, because I had never had one, to go with a corona with lime.
It was good. I would probably order it again.
My boyfriend went with someone completely different. He ordered the Long trail ale. It was interesting. The ale was very bitter with a very sweet almost to sweet after taste. I didn't like it and neither did he, unfortunately.

If I were you, and I were in the Freeport area, I would be checking out Buck's immediately. This restaurant, out of all the places we have gone, is easily in the top 3 of my favorites. I want to go back and get some more fried pickles and actually try the chili lime wings without burning my taste buds off first.

So please, if you know what's good for ya you will get



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