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In December 2010 I moved to Southern Maine from a small town next to Bangor (Bangor is right in the center Maine and is one of the largest cities in Maine for those of you wondering if it's in Canada). Here are some crazy stories of outings, hikes, beer and just the general mayhem that is my life. Welcome. Enjoy. Love it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Binga's Stadium, The Revisit

Every Week my boyfriend and I try to have one day where we kind of splurge and go out and just have a good time. It's nice to get out of the house, especially after the long winter.  It is even nicer now that it's not bitterly cold out and you can actually function outside of a heated room or car. The decision to go to Binga's that morning was more or less based on the fact that I was craving fried pickles. The plan was to just get fried pickles. This did not happen...

We walked into Binga's at about 2 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. It was pretty much dead, so we were able to just seat ourselves. The waitress came over and we ordered a pitcher of bud light.

It was so good and cold and hit the spot just right. This worked out perfectly because our plan was to just hang out in old port for the rest of the day. Then, since it was my turn to DD, I would drive us home that night. The pitcher was a little steep in price ($11), but it was worth every penny.

We started off by ordering fried pickles.
They were so awesome. I really liked the pickles at Buffalo Wild Wings. But these were better. They are very crisp, and tangy. They came with ranch dressing that was perfect. However, when you get the bottom of the bowl it is GREASY. Which is typical when you fry stuff. We ate them anyway. We just wiped them off with a napkin. They were great.
Now, keep in mind, we are fat kids at heart.
Cute Fat Kids, But Fat Kids

This being the case,
We ordered:
Sweet Potato Fries...

At the moment that we ate these they were my favorite. Now I like Run of The Mill's fries better. However, these are a very close second. One thing about these fries that I enjoy, they are very very light. They aren't as crispy as I normally like, but the incredible flavor makes up for that.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings...

Of all the wing flavors at Binga's, these are by far my favorite. They are sweet AND sour, just like the sauce states, and they have the best flavor of any wings I have ever had. They are not hot, but blasted with flavor.

Hot Buffalo Wings...

Those look amazing right?
Unfortunatly, they weren't as hott as they usually are. We have had them another time when we went down and they were HOTT. This time through, because the sauce is made everyday, they weren't that hott. They still had a little kick, but they weren't as hot as we thought.

So, we went in with the intention to order beer and fried pickles. We ended up with Beer (a pitcher), Fried Pickles, Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet and Sour wings, and hot wings....told ya, fat kids.

Needless to say we were't hungy for a while, and although we ended up eating and spending more than we wanted to on this trip to Binga's, it was worth every bite and penny.


  1. I agree that Bingas is expensive but WORTH IT. We love to go on Mondays for .50 wing night (after 6pm) We can never decide whether Bingas or Bucks has better fried pickles.
    Have not had sweet potato fries there but I'll add them to my list. I'm planning a best in Portland with that theme. Top of my list is Bayside good

  2. My second home :) Check it out sometime! Great bar and good food.